Asthma Control

Clinical hypnotherapy can be an effective way to prevent Asthma attacks, as well as stop an episode once it has started.

Clinical hypnotherapy facilitates total relaxation of the entire respiratory system, which slows breathing and loosens or widens all of the bronchial tubes.

The relaxation of the mind and the body also calms the anxiety associated with Asthma.

While environmental factors are often blamed for Asthma, it is known that psychological factors can trigger an Asthma attack, and by using hypnoanalysis, the root cause of Asthma attacks can be identified, which can prompt an immediate decrease in Asthma symptoms.

In clinical hypnotherapy, Asthma has been labeled  a “crying syndrome”.  People who have been very hurt, or had to repress their emotions at a young age, can be susceptible to Asthma.  The Asthma attacks can also be a reaction to stressors which the sufferer cannot identify without interrogating the subconscious mind while in hypnosis, because memories have been repressed.

Clinical hypnotherapy can show a sufferer how to relax their body, so that the lungs can take in air more easily, and comfortably.

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