Boost Immunity

It has been medically proven that increased levels of stress greatly compromise our immune systems.

In today’s world, avoiding stress altogether is nigh on impossible. Most people have money worries, and issues at work, or too much to do in too short a time. Finding time to sit down and totally relax is often not scheduled into our online calendars.

However, clinical hypnotherapy is a relatively rapid way to de-stress the body, by putting it into a deeply relaxed state in a matter of minutes, and allowing a person to subconsciously rearrange their list of priorities.

Deep relaxation, used in conjunction with visualization techniques, where a person imagines the body’s immune response system mobilising to repel ‘invaders’, can actually prevent the weakening of the immune response that often follows periods of acute stress.

At least one study has found that clinical hypnotherapy greatly enhances the physical immune response.  The research reported in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology  (2001) showed that subjects who had NOT used self-hypnosis as a relaxation technique, prior to a stressful event,  had a 24 percent decrease in T-lymphocyte white blood cells, compared to a 2 percent increase in the hypnosis group.  T-Lymphocyte white blood cells are an important key to the body’s immune response, protecting the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders. Furthermore, the more frequently subjects in the hypnosis group practiced their technique, the stronger their immune response was.

In another study, at Washington State University in the US, the value of specifically focussing on the immune system while in hypnosis was proven. A group of volunteers were given hypnotic suggestions specifically to boost their immune systems. Another group received only relaxing suggestions, or no suggestions at all . Afterwards their levels of these special defense cells were measured. Those who had received hypnotic suggestions to visualise a strong immune system showed significant increases in their levels of protective cells.

So if you are presently ill, and would like to give your body an effective immune boost, or you would like to make sure you do not become ill, consider clinical hypnotherapy as an effective counter-measure to stress-damaging actions, emotions and feelings. To find out more, contact me.

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