Group Hypnotherapy

*** Try FREE group clinical hypnotherapy sessions for Deep Relaxation and Healing at the The Beat Retreat Clinic in Competa, Andalucia, every Monday evening from 7 – 8.30pm (clients throughout Spain and worldwide can join these sessions online, using ZOOM video conferencing (two-way communication) or Facebook Live.) Just sit back, relax and let your body naturally put an end to stress, insomnia, pain, anxiety etc. Just drop in to the clinic at 7 Calle Dr Fleming, off the main square in Competa, or contact us for an online joining link.  

The human body is a self-healing organism. Even doctors are taught this fact in medical school. However for that self-healing process to happen, the body needs to be in a state of deep relaxation. This FREE group clinical hypnotherapy session will show you how to attain that required deep state of mental and physical relaxation, through the use of breathing exercises, visualisation and suggestion, to help your body eliminate toxins, combat bacteria/viruses/rogue cells in the body, and restore itself to its natural balance.

The clinical hypnotherapy techniques employed in group sessions mean no personal information is revealed to the hypnotherapist, or other participants, at any time.

Hypnotherapy works best when hypnotic suggestions are repeated and compounded. Research studies have shown that four sessions,  spread over 21-30 days, is the minimum number required to ensure long-term successful change.

(If you feel you need a little more hypnotherapy, for specific personal issues, you may choose individual clinical hypnotherapy sessions, either at The Beat Retreat Clinic in Competa, at home within 40 km of the Retreat or online. The first session is FREE and the  cost for subsequent sessions is 65 Euros, IVA (VAT) included. International clients pay by PayPal.  Contact me to schedule an appointment.)


What if the video link goes down? How will I wake up? 

If the link goes down during the hypnosis session, your body will wake you naturally anyway. While in clinical hypnosis, you are in a deep state of relaxation, and able to enjoy all the benefits health-wise that brings, so losing the internet connection will not mean you lose any of the benefit of the session. The Beat Retreat specifically uses Zoom video conferencing, as it is an extremely stable method of face-to-face consultation. However, technological failures cannot be ruled out of course. For that reason, if you are concerned you will not wake up in time for another appointment, you can set the alarm on your telephone, or you can make sure someone else is home to wake you at an appointed time.

How do you make clinical hypnotherapy personal to me in a group session? 

Your subconscious mind makes the group clinical hypnotherapy session personal to you! Direct suggestions will be phrased to allow you to work on matters of most concern to you, within your own mind.  Likewise, visualisation suggestions will give your subconscious mind the option to imagine whatever would be useful to you, to help you to resolve your issues. Clinical hypnotherapy for problems like phobias are accomplished through specific hypnotherapy scripts with direction relevant to any fear.

What if I do not want everyone to know my business? 

There is no need to share any of your personal information with any members of the group or even the hypnotherapist. You will never be asked any personal questions in a group setting. You may participate as passively as you wish, simply listening to the clinical hypnotherapy session and following the hypnotherapist’s directions, or not as your subconscious wishes! The subconscious often has its own ideas as to what it will show you or where your mind will go.  You do not even need to turn on your camera for online sessions if you prefer not to. However, if you do wish to share anything with other members of the group, you may do so before or after the hypnosis session. If you wish to discuss any matters with the therapist in private, after the sessions, your session payment entitles you to one free 30-minute confidential consultation, to discuss anything which is troubling you, or which your subconscious has revealed to you.

What if I just want to attend the sessions and not do the ‘homework’? 

The effort you put into the time between hypnotherapy sessions will be directly reflected in the personal success you achieve from it. Guided hypnotherapy recordings, and self-hypnosis techniques, are a hugely valuable tool to use between weekly sessions. The more times in a week that you use them, the more you are compounding the benefits of hypnotherapy. Four sessions of group clinical hypnotherapy will be very effective at reframing your behaviour, or allowing you to better control your body’s responses; but 28 sessions of hypnosis will be exponentially better!! In addition, you may be asked to keep a ‘habit journal’ to help you identify your stressors and motivations. Again, this will be extremely useful to you in reframing your habit or issue. But at the end of the day clinical hypnotherapy is a personal matter, and The Beat Retreat is not a school! You may do what you believe is useful to you.

How do I know you are a qualified clinical hypnotherapy professional? 

You are welcome to verify my credentials, with the Association of Registered Clinical Hynotherapists (ARCH) in Canada, and the General Hypnotherapy Register in the UK. Should you have any reason to complain about my services, you may address your concerns directly to me, or to ARCH. As an overseas member of ARCH I would be subject to a disciplinary procedure for any complaint you might make. I hold insurance to practice clinical hypnotherapy worldwide, and you are welcome to inspect my policies. I have one specific to the USA and Canada, and another for the rest of the World.

How do I know you won’t hypnotise me to do something I don’t want to do? 

When you are in a state of deep relaxation during clinical hypnotherapy, you are fully aware of your surroundings, and aware of what you are being asked to imagine or think. You still have free will. Your subconscious mind would not let you do anything which went against your belief set. You would simply wake up. You can bring yourself out of hypnosis at any time, even if you just do not want to continue with the visualisation exercise. If you are so relaxed that you have drifted off to sleep, your subconscious mind is always awake and will ignore suggestions, or wake you, if it sees fit.

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