Here are a few words from one mother who used hypnobirthing to deliver her baby:
“For my third baby, I used deep relaxation techniques during labor and it helped me greatly. I was able to get from 3-9 cm dilation very calmly.  She was breech and 8 lbs 2 oz and I felt manageable pain until she crowned. With my fourth baby I practiced hypnobirthing using clinical hypnotherapy from about 20 weeks. I was expecting manageable pain again, but instead I really did have a pain-free labor. I felt some pressure but it WAS totally painless. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it!! I would definitely recommend clinical hypnotherapy techniques for every pregnant woman.”
 About the Therapist: Sarah Yuen is a mother herself, although she learned clinical hypnotherapy too late to use it for the delivery of her own son. More’s the pity. She would happily have another child now just to experience the gentle sensations of a clinical hypnotherapy-assisted birth, as described to her by her clients. She is passionate about the use of clinical hypnotherapy for natural childbirth, as well as all the other hugely powerful applications of the therapy, and is intending to spend the rest of her career helping as many people as she can to have a pain free birthing day. She would be honoured to be present at the birth of your baby by telephone or video conferencing, if required, and looks forward to getting to know you well during the six week online course. She is available for questions at any time before the course starts, or during the course outside of the weekly online sessions.