Smoking Cessation

There are both psychological and physiological factors that can cause addiction to smoking.  Many smokers argue that smoking helps them relax or manage their weight, but there are serious costs and health consequences to years of smoking.

Clinical hypnotherapy has been used to help millions of people quit smoking, and remain smoke free, by creating an aversion to the habit in the subconscious mind, and replacing that activity with another more healthy pastime.

Sheer willpower alone is generally not enough to reverse a smoking habit.  And neither is one session of hypnotherapy. Government and medical studies have shown that people who quit smoking after just one session, and never have another one, will be smoking again within a year. A minimum of four clinical hypnotherapy sessions are required to make sure a person remains a non-smoker. For good.

If you have tried other methods, like e-cigarettes and nicotine patches, and failed, hypnosis is the way for you to reach your goal. You can opt for individual clinical hypnotherapy sessions or join our weekly, low cost, online sessions, every Wednesday evening, and be part of a community of people all determined to kick the habit. Studies have shown that having a like-minded support network can go a long way to eliminating unwanted habits, and far faster than when going it alone.


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