Weight Control

Weight management using clinical hypnotherapy is not about endless diets and the denial of certain foods – it is about fostering a permanent healthy lifestyle, and reframing the relationship your mind has with food.

Clinical hypnotherapy gives you powerful tools to take control of your body. It can help you avoid unhealthy foods, crave foods which are good for you, find the motivation to enjoy exercise and the benefits it brings, and tackle the inner reasons which have allowed you to gain more weight than you are now comfortable with.

Weight control is not about struggle, but about fulfillment. One does not control one’s weight effectively with starvation diets. Clinical hypnotherapy takes a positive approach to weight control, which allows a person to eat all the foods they enjoy, but in moderation and balance. It re-trains your body to only eat when it is truly hungry, and not to fill an emotional void.

Through diet improvement, self-appreciation, inner motivation, and emotional disconnection from detrimental eating, I can help you take back control of your body, and your life.

For more information about my weight management clinical hypnotherapy programme, do contact me.

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