Past Life Regression

The term ‘Past Life Regression’ provokes much controversy in the hypnotherapy world. As a clinical hypnotherapist, I have often had clients appear to spontaneously regress to a much younger age during a hypnotherapy session – their venacular and diction changing accordingly – and some people have appeared to have regressed to a much earlier time, in another life, where they were able to state the date and location of their memory.

Critics of Past Life Regression Therapy, where clients may remember something which happened in another life, which could explain why they have certain problems in this life, such as an intense fear of water, or heights, often accuse the hypnotherapist of leading the client, and putting ideas into their head. But I have witnessed enough incidences of this nature to know these recollections are spontaneous, as well as highly detailed.

The question all hypnotherapists ask is where the information is coming from. Is it proof we have lived before? Or is it perhaps DNA or cell memory?

What all hypnotherapists do agree on is, it doesn’t matter! If the memory prompts a reduction in the symptoms or problems the person is battling, then the therapy has been successful. If it was a true memory, and insight from experiences in past lives has allowed the situation to be brought under control, all well and good. If it was a false  memory, but the symptoms have diminished, also all well and good.

Normally, I would not advise a client to engage in Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy  specifically to seek out past life memories. If a person is struggling with certain issues it is highly likely that the subconscious mind will give a client insight into something that happened to cause their present problems, and I will advise several sessions of clinical hypnotherapy. If the subconscious reveals memories that appear to be from past lives during those sessions, then we will explore the recollections.

However, if someone is being troubled by vivid dreams or hallucinations which appear to be from another age, or even another planet, clinical hypnotherapy can be used very effectively to investigate those dreams and find out what might be causing them. In that instance I will offer Past Life Regression sessions.

If you would like to discuss Past Life Regression Therapy, or you would like to be guided towards some useful reading material, please feel free to contact me.



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