Sexual Performance And Enjoyment

All relationships can hit a rocky patch, where a couple don’t see eye to eye for a while or feel their needs are not being met. Usually the intense love and sexual attraction people feel for each other will help them get back on an even keel. But when sexual attraction appears to be the problem, and either person experiences a loss of libido, or loses interest in sexual enjoyment, it can rock a relationship to the core.

It is even more difficult to accept when the person who is having problems with sexual performance is not sure why they feel that way, and therefore can’t offer their partner any satisfactory explanation.

There are many reasons why a person can suddenly lose interest in sexual enjoyment and all of them can be helped by clinical hypnotherapy.

Anxiety can be a significant stressor when it comes to being able to have sex, and tends to create a vicious circle, where worrying about sexual performance exacerbates the problem and the person becomes even more inhibited. Also, when a person begins to anticipate failure in the bedroom, they are actually conditioning the brain to cause the failure. Clinical hypnotherapy can break that cycle, and calm any feelings of anxiety while investigating the root cause or causes. Visualising sexual attraction for one’s partner and successful sexual performance can help in ‘reprogramming’ a person’s natural physical response. Low self- esteem and a lack of confidence can also cause problems in the bedroom, if one person suffers a set back or views their body in a different way. Clinical hypnotherapy techniques can dramatically boost self-confidence and help a person create a better body image.

Stress can play a huge part in any loss of libido. An overfull calendar, annoyance and irritation, exhaustion, poor diet, lack of exercise and constant fretting about time or money can cause the body to turn off the natural sexual reaction, ostensibly to save energy and brain power. If left untreated, stress can quickly turn to depression and cause numerous detrimental physical effects on the body. Stress and depression should never be ignored.

Many people have found that their attraction for their partner, and their desire for sex, returns when they go on holiday for a while. Clinical hypnotherapy can help your body take a well-earned break, even when a real break is not possible, by facilitating a state of deep relaxation. Energy reserves can be restored and that sexual attraction dial turned back up.

Tension in relationships can make one partner or another feel less attracted to their life-mate. If those tensions are not discussed, the emotional wall gets higher and higher. Sometimes people are loath to reveal what they are upset about, or sometimes they aren’t even sure what is making them particularly angry or annoyed. Ironically, we can be drawn to partners who reflect the same character traits of people who hurt us or made life difficult in the past, and our reaction to our present partner can be a result of what someone else did to us some time ago. Clinical hypnotherapy allows you to explore your own subconscious mind, while in a hypnotic trance, to identify exactly what the barrier is, and why it is there.

Interestingly, one of the most usual causes of male sexual impotence is guilt about having an affair, or even just thinking about having an affair. It makes sense when viewed in the light of someone feeling guilty about seeking sexual pleasure essentially turning off that urge, so they cannot be tempted again, but they actually end up further damaging the relationship with their existing partner.

The one thing to appreciate is, that your of loss libido can’t be solved by just trying harder. It isn’t a running race, where the harder and faster you run the more likely you are to achieve success.  In fact its quite the opposite.  Relaxation has a significant impact on your libido. If you don’t take time to relax, physically and mentally, you have little chance of restoring your libido. But if you do, through the use of clinical hypnotherapy, the results can be far more impressive than Viagra!

If you would like to discuss any sexual issues with a registered clinical hypnotherapist, please contact me.


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