Stage Fright

Stage fright can happen without any warning.  You can be on stage, with the audience watching expectantly, thoroughly enjoying performing in the show, and suddenly you cannot remember a single line and your throat feels like it is going to choke you. You may even feel the developing symptoms of a panic attack – heart racing, restricted breathing and crippling, mind-numbing, fear.

Your body has essentially gone into a full-blown attack of panic.

Clinical hypnotherapy can help you retrain your mind to relax and feel good while performing in public.  By using key visualisation techniques, you can condition yourself  to relax and enjoy your role on stage, and allow you to fulfill your full potential.

I work with actors of stage and screen in New York, London and Los Angeles, to help them feel good about performing every time they step out in front of an audience. The same techniques work just as well for people who are nervous of public speaking.

Clinical hypnotherapy can increase confidence and self-esteem, and eliminate stage fright,  as easily and effectively as it eliminates any phobia. To learn more about all the clinical hypnotherapy techniques which can help you eliminate the obstacles which are holding you back, contact me. 

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