Are you already a qualified hypnotherapist, or a medical/mental health professional looking to help patients with PTSD symptoms? Clinical hypnotherapy is one of the few ways to eliminate PTSD-type symptoms, permanently!

PTSD sufferers are experiencing the after-effects of emotional trauma. They need hypnotherapy. It is a subconscious therapy for a subconscious problem. But it takes a trauma-specialized hypnotherapist to treat clients, who may be drinking heavily, on drugs, extremely angry, in pain—emotionally and physically, not sleeping, suicidal or even homicidal, especially when other medical personnel may have told them that they are “too damaged to treat.”  They are not! 

You can expand your client-base by expanding your skills. This two hours a week, six-week course, for qualified and experienced practitioners, costs just $50 USD or 50 GBP IN TOTAL, and will walk you through the basics of providing clinical hypnotherapy for PTSD sufferers, while letting you experience a full session of clinical hypnotherapy each week as a demonstration. Click here to see the full six-week curriculum.

Led by the author of The PTSD Solution: A Military Approach, a qualified and highly-experienced trauma hypnotherapist, this course will also show you how to use Virtual Cocaine and Virtual Heroin to help your clients eliminate the use of substances while discovering the root cause of their issues. 

Scripts, books and case histories are provided for free. There is also a free, ongoing, advice line for all participating hypnotherapists. Click here to enroll.

Next course starts:

September 5 – 7pm EST For US-based practitioners

September 6 – 8pm BST(British Summer Time) for UK and European-based practitioners

Future date for course start – October 24/25.

All sessions are available as a recording.

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