What Mums Say

Who better to tell you whether clinical hypnotherapy can help mothers-to-be than the mother’s themselves. Here are just a few comments from those who have discovered the possibility of pain-free delivery.

“For my third baby I had used deep relaxation techniques during labor, and it helped me greatly. I was able to get from 3-9 cm dilation very calmly.  She was breech and 8 lbs 2 oz and I felt manageable pain until she crowned. However with my fourth baby I used  hypnobirthing, having clinical hypnotherapy sessions from about 20 weeks. I was expecting manageable pain again, but instead I really did have a pain-free labor. I felt some pressure but it WAS totally painless. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it!! I would definitely recommend Sarah’s clinical hypnotherapy techniques for every pregnant woman.”
Kirsty, UK 
 “When the time came I felt as if I knew exactly what to do, almost by instinct. The breathing exercises, which we had used in the lead up to the birth, to take me into hypnosis, made me feel as if I was opening up my body in my own mind. I visualised the baby being moved gently down the birth canal and I have to say it was a lovely sensation. There was no discomfort at all. I didn’t push my son out at any point. The body delivered him all by itself. I will certainly not be worried my next baby. I was rather sad when delivery was over! Plus the clinical hypnotherapy techniques which Sarah taught me were so relaxing before my son was born, and even eliminated my lower back pain. It was a wonderful experience all round.” –
Sam, UK 
Sarah is so calming and patient. Through her amazing hypnotherapy, before my baby was born, I even imagined myself in the womb with my baby, cuddling her. It was a wonderful prelude to her arrival. Unfortunately I had to have a caesarian and not a natural birth, but the hypnobirthing techniques Sarah taught me have stood me in good stead as a new Mum. I have been able to remain calm and rested throughout the first few months of my baby’s life. I still use the self-hypnosis techniques every day. Not only is Sarah very talented at hypnotherapy,  she is an inspiration.” –

Nicola, Thailand


Approximately two thirds of all women who were taught self-hypnosis for childbirth at a hospital in Australia were able to use hypnosis as their sole analgesic during delivery. They rated their labour pain at about 2 on a scale of 1 – 10, and said they generally felt pressure or mild cramping rather than pain.


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