Anger Management

We have all felt anger at one time or another, whether as a spike of irritation or annoyance, or a full-blown temper. Anger can actually be a positive emotion, as it allows for the venting of a feeling which could be destructive to our health if kept inside of us.

But when anger becomes a habit, rather than an occasional occurrence, or gets out of control and turns destructive, anger can have disastrous consequences for the immune system, and result in other physical and mental health issues. It can tear apart relationships and ruin familial ties. One study of 3000 cancer patients at St Thomas’ Hospital in London showed that all 3000 harboured considerable anger. Anger can be extremely damaging to health.

The root causes of anger are often buried in the past, even if the trigger is in the present. Some people’s backgrounds and upbringings can influence how they cope with, or use, anger.

You may think being angry is just the way you are, or you may not recognise your symptoms as anger-related. You may think other people are responsible for making you angry, and that it is not your problem to solve. Either way, clinical hypnotherapy can be a good solution.

Not only can hypnoanalysis help you identify the underlying source of your anger, in a private and confidential process, it can also subliminally change those unhelpful responses at a subconscious level, so that all you are aware of is that your flash to bang is now considerably longer, or just gone.

To discuss your anger concerns, or those of someone you love, feel free to contact me now.

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