Answering Your Questions About Hypnosis

How Will You Hypnotise Me? 

To help you to descend into a deep state of relaxation, I will first ask you to make yourself comfortable, either sitting up or lying down, and ask you to close your eyes and take a number of deep and regular breaths, while focussing only on the rhythm of your breathing. As you breathe fresh oxygen into your lungs, you will begin to feel the relaxation seeping into your limbs, and then I will tell you to imagine yourself exhaling all the tension you feel in your body, and imagine yourself going deeper and deeper into a relaxed state. The more you breathe, and the more you listen to my voice, the more deeply relaxed you will feel.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like? 

When you enter a deep state of relaxation you may feel as if you are floating on a bed of air. You may no longer be aware of your physical body – just of your inner mind. You may see images, or hear sounds, or feel certain feelings. For hypnosis to work effectively, one needs to achieve total mind and body relaxation. That deeply relaxed state also prompts the natural, self-healing, force within the body.  Sometimes people feel as if they have fallen asleep while in hypnosis and are disappointed, as they think hypnosis will not work if they are asleep. But the subconscious mind is always awake, and you may float in and out of a sleepy state as the subconscious decides when to rouse you, and when to let you doze while it does its work.

What Will You Say To Me While I Am In Hypnosis? 

Before we begin a clinical hypnotherapy session we will establish your goals and ambitions for hypnotherapy. If you would like to change a habit, or reverse a phobia, or improve your performance, the session will likely involve a series of guided visualisations, where you will be asked to imagine certain things and events to impress on your subconscious mind what you intend to happen in your life from that moment onwards. I may ask you to imagine something specific, or allow you to let your own imagination decide what you will see or feel or hear. I may ask you to repeat key sentences in your head or outloud. Sometimes, your subconscious mind will choose to ignore what I am saying and make you think of something totally different, but that is fine. A hypnotherapist is merely a guide in the process of hypnotherapy: the subconscious mind will wander where it wishes and it knows best how to help you achieve your goals. If you see, or hear or feel something you don’t want to share with anyone else, even your hypnotherapist, that is fine too. Hypnosis is an intensely personal therapy and major change can be achieved without you revealing anything of your experiences while in hypnosis.

What Happens If I Cannot Be Hypnotised? 

Every single human being is capable of achieving a hypnotic state, if they want to, when they want to, because hypnosis is just the process of allowing oneself to become deeply relaxed. All of us experience a hypnotic state everyday, just as we fall asleep at night. Sometimes we also enter the equivalent of a hypnotic trance when we are doing mindless tasks, such as brushing our teeth or showering, or driving a familiar route. In that state your subconscious is controlling your thought processes and your actions while you think about something else.

How Many Sessions Will I Need? 

I advise a minimum of four sessions for each specific issue. You may well find that you achieve partial or total relief from your problem or situation in just one session, but that relief may not be long lasting, as it takes the mind 21 to 30 days to form or break a habit. The success of hypnosis is based in compounding suggestion, and for issues like weight management or giving up smoking, changes achieved in one session are unlikely to last forever – whereas changes achieved over a four week period are more likely to endure. Hypnosis also works best if one only addresses one problem at a time. So if you have multiple issues you would like to work on, it is important that you prioritise your ambitions.


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