Client Testimonials


“Sarah is not only an amazing person but also a fantastic hypnotherapist! She helped me with my self-esteem, anxiety issues and my panic attacks. After only a few sessions my panic attacks stopped, and my anxiety became manageable. A year on now, and I’ve not had a panic attack in a very long time, and things that used to cause me serious anxiety, I can now handle with more ease. So I would highly recommend Sarah! Not only did her hypnotherapy sessions help me get back control over my life, but the tips she offered also gave me a set of tools to use when things get a bit too much!” –

Anne, Thailand


“After starting hypnotherapy with Sarah I have a brighter, lighter, new sense of self.  Her ability and passion for her work far exceeded my expectation.  After a number of sessions of hypnotherapy I couldn’t be more happy with our progress. Her gentle approach, and warm nature is so comforting. I feel like I am in the best of hands!” –

Suzanne, New York 


“Sarah is so calming and patient. Through her amazing hypnotherapy before my baby was born I even imagined myself in the womb with my baby, cuddling her. It was a wonderful prelude to her arrival. Unfortunately I had to have a caesarian and not a natural birth, but the hypnobirthing techniques Sarah taught me have stood me in good stead as a new Mum. I have been able to remain calm and rested throughout the first few months of my baby’s life. I still use the self-hypnosis techniques every day. Not only is Sarah very talented at hypnotherapy,  she is an inspiration.” –

Nicola, Thailand


“I had been suffering from back pain for years when I consulted Sarah. My level of pain was reduced from the very first session, and by the end of the second session I felt no pain at all. My pain has never returned. I feel like I have got my life back. I can do all the things I did before my injury. When I overdo it a bit I can feel a slight vibration, so I know to relax and use the self-hypnosis techniques Sarah taught me.  I must admit that I was a bit of a sceptic before I tried clinical hypnosis. Now I couldn’t be more grateful.” –

John, UK 


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