Clinical hypnotherapy can address the underlying cause or causes of depression, using hypnoanalysis to identify the root. 

The negativity of depression can create a downwards spiral in the body which is very difficult to stop. Clinical hypnotherapy is effective at breaking that pattern by helping sufferers understand why they feel so negative or lost. 

Sometimes depression is a result of an imbalance of chemicals and enzymes in the body. This manifests as anxiety, self-isolation and sadness.  People believe this chemical imbalance is not treatable without medication. But in truth the body can rectify this imbalance by itself. 

There is a vicious circle related to depression, in that when we are stressed or upset our gut constricts. The serotonin we need to remain happy and healthy is largely produced in our gut, and then carried around our body in the bloodstream.  But when we are tense, production is restricted. A lack of serotonin makes us feel lethargic and down, but the body also uses serotonin to make melatonin so we can sleep well. If this is not addressed we end up feeling more tense because we are sad and not sleeping. Clinical hypnotherapy relaxes the gut, restores the production of serotonin naturally, and therefore melatonin too, so you sleep well and are less stressed. 

One hour of hypnosis is worth four hours of sleep, so just by experiencing clinical hypnotherapy you are already actively tackling your depression. 

If you would like to discuss exactly how clinical hypnotherapy can help you please contact me.

You can also try out one of my free hypnotherapy recordings especially aimed at alleviating depression. To listen to the recording click here.


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