Depression And Negativity

Clinical hypnotherapy can be a very effective method to counter depression.

Hypnosis can help address the underlying cause or causes of the depression, as well as help individuals develop coping behaviors.

Clinical hypnotherapy uses hypnoanalysis to discover the root cause(s) of depression, and uses positive visualisation techniques to stimulate the brain to create new neural pathways, to a happier and healthier outlook on life.

The negativity of depression can create a never-ending spiral which is very difficult to break. Clinical hypnotherapy is effective at breaking that pattern by helping sufferers  reduce and eliminate self-defeating thoughts, and helping them focus on their best qualities.

If you would like to discuss exactly how clinical hypnotherapy can help you please contact me.

You can also try out one of my free hypnotherapy recordings especially aimed at alleviating depression. To listen to the recording click here.


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