Cancer Pain and Medication Side Effects

As an illness, cancer can be extremely painful, and sometimes chemical pain management is not enough to bring adequate relief from the pain of the disease itself, or the added pain and discomfort from associated medical treatments. But clinical hypnotherapy can.

Clinical hypnotherapy can mobilise the human body’s own pain-relieving abilities, and greatly reduce the pain and side effects of cancer treatment, to help make the whole experience far less distressing.  There are many who even claim to have reversed the spread of their cancer, by using clinical hypnotherapy and visualisation methods, to truly harness the body’s self-healing powers.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a medically-recognised treatment for chronic pain. In 1996, a National Institutes of Health panel in the USA ruled that hypnosis was an effective intervention for alleviation of pain from cancer and other chronic conditions.

By placing the body into a trance-like state of deep relaxation, using clinical hypnotherapy, muscle spasms, muscle tension and inflammation can all be diminished or eliminated, so alleviating the accompanying pain.

One distressing side effect of many cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy, is nausea. This is in part a reaction to the drugs which are being pumped into the body, but also as a result of expectation. If one expects to suffer nausea, the subconscious mind will oblige! Clinical hypnotherapy can retrain a person’s brain to not expect, nor experience, nausea.

Physiologically, the brain controls nausea and vomiting.  Nausea is triggered by autonomic (automatic reaction) nerves whenever the brain receives certain “inputs”, such as smells, tastes, pain, chemicals and anxieties. That triggers the part of the brain that initiates the vomit reflex in the body. Using clinical hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind can be retrained to interpret inputs differently.  While in an hypnotic state, the body’s instinctive reactions can be calmed, and the brain given new commands for how to react when the body is flooded with inputs which normally trigger vomiting.

If you are suffering from cancer, or someone you love is, and you would like more information on the many uses of clinical hypnotherapy for cancer patients please contact me.



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