General Pain Relief

Clinical hypnotherapy is an extremely effective method for diminishing or eliminating acute or chronic pain.

Clinical hypnotherapy induces a trance-like state of deep relaxation and focussed concentration. Using clinical hypnotherapy, all the muscles and nerves in a particular area where pain is being experienced can be made to completely relax, and inflammation and bleeding can be reduced. The relaxation of all muscles allows painful tension to be released, and ceases muscle spasms.

It gives the sufferer pain relief as effective as any analgesic, which continues even after the hypnosis session is finished, and often is more effective and long lasting than any opioid pain killer.

Professor Stuart Derbyshire, of the University of Birmingham, led a study on what happens in the brain during hypnosis for pain relief. “We asked patients to turn an imaginary pain dial up or down, and watched what happened on an MRI scan. As the pain was “turned down”, brain waves registered in those areas of the brain which nullify pain.”

Pain is generally a warning signal that there is something amiss within the body, so it is not always a good idea to eliminate it completely. However the subconscious mind can transform a chronic pain into a minor one; diminish and move the perception of pain from an organ to an extremity; or turn a stinging pain into a vibration, which is perceptible, but not uncomfortable.

Joint, muscle and nerve pain, migraines and headaches all respond well to clinical hypnotherapy for pain relief. The pain can be diminished in a single session, and the sufferer can be taught self hypnosis techniques to keep pain at bay, permanently.

Sometimes physical pain is being created by the mind as a sign of unprocessed trauma, and then clinical hypnoanalysis can be used to discover the root cause of the pain, and eliminate it forever.

If you would like to discuss clinical hypnotherapy as a solution to any pain you are suffering,  feel free to contact me.

You can also try out one of my free hypnotherapy recordings especially aimed at alleviating pain. I must say I have used my own pain recording often and have effectively ‘switched off’ any sensation of pain, even following an acute injury such as torn or ruptured ligaments and tendons, or a bone break. The use of clinical hypnotherapy in this instance does not only eliminate pain, but also fosters healing of the damaged area.

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