Pain in the body is a “wake up call”, delivered in a language that the body speaks well: sensation. Pain may be a result of physical damage or a psychological issue creating a physical problem.

Migraines definitely have a physical cause, but often with a psychological link. When people are suffering from a stressful situation, their blood vessels and capillaries can become constricted. When the stress is removed, the veins and capillaries open and the return to full blood flow can cause pounding headaches or migraine, or indeed pain in any other part of the body. 

Sometimes migraines can be a physical indicator of an unresolved emotional trauma or conflict, as if the body is waving a flag to draw your attention to what is wrong., or trying to disable you to force you to deal with it. 

Hypnoanalysis can be used to ask the body to explain the need for the symptoms.  When asking the mind for the cause of the migraines, while in hypnosis, the sufferer might suddenly be presented with reasons such as ‘I hate my job’, or ‘I am sick and tired of working so hard for no reward’, or ‘I desperately need a break’. 

The migraine reaction might also be deeply embedded in something which happened in a sufferer’s past. An underlying psychological cause might be uncovered, while in hypnoanalysis, and just the understanding of it may lead to symptom relief.

Clinical hypnotherapy  is a gentle yet powerful means of gaining access to deep subconscious motivations, and access to the body’s wisdom, in a clearly understandable language.

To learn more about clinical hypnotherapy and migraine relief, contact me.

If you are suffering a migraine now you can use one of my hypnotherapy recordings to calm it. 

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