What Is Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is essentially the inducing of a deep state of relaxation, so that the body becomes thoroughly mentally and physically relaxed, using a combination of visualisation and suggestion techniques.

Repressed emotions in the body can cause physical and psychological symptoms, sometimes without the sufferer even understanding why. Trauma is the root of all PTSD symptoms. Clinical hypnotherapy provides the environment for these often buried emotions to be acknowledged and released, without talk therapy, or endlessly revisiting traumatic experiences.

Clinical hypnotherapy is not CBT or EMDR. It requires nothing of the patient except relaxation, and certainly not endless talk therapy. Sufferers often present saying they cannot relax due to anxiety or hypervigilence, but the body knows what the sufferer needs and relaxation is always achieved.

It is a highly-effective, and very pleasant, therapy for people suffering from PTSD and Complex-PTSD symptoms.

The Beat Retreat specialises exclusively in helping PTSD sufferers eliminate their symptoms and regain their lives.

Watch this video below to Understand PTSD and CPTSD, and how hypnotherapy can eradicate it.

Between 71% and 90% of Beat Retreat clients, experience complete elimination of PTSD symptoms in 6-10 sessions. Clinical Hypnotherapy has been used as a healing tool by members of the medical profession for thousands of years. Even medical school physiology textbooks state that the human body is a self-healing mechanism, but only when it is in a deeply relaxed state. The body is perfectly capable of killing off cancer cells, fighting off bacterial agents, and eliminating viruses by itself. It can also calm anger, anxiety and panic attacks, and eradicate acute and chronic pain,  without any medication.

Please feel free to read online or download The PTSD Solution: A Military Approach in our publications section, which explains clearly how hypnotherapy using the Beat Retreat protocol works to eliminate PTSD.

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