Training hypnotherapists and other medical/mental health professionals how to deal with PTSD from Emotional Trauma

Session 1 

The importance of finding the root cause of emotional trauma 

Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE) and subsequent triggers 

The Mind Body Connection (in peer-reviewed studies) – the role of cortisol and adrenaline

Predisposition to PTSD – the formula

The problems of medication, self-medication and coping mechanisms

Co-morbid issues – IBS, High Blood Pressure, Auto-Immune, Epstein Barr Virus, Adrenal Fatigue 

The problems of Secondary Gain

The use of extended inductions – the ‘sleeper states’ of hypnosis 

Initial explanation of Ego Parts – direct and indirect engaging and reassuring 

How to deal with abreactions by a PTSD sufferer in hypnosis

The pros and cons of Ideomotor responses 

Hypnotherapy Demonstration – Inductive States and Clearing Negativity (Recording provided) 

Session 2 

The Therapeutic PTSD formula 

Generic PTSD symptom groups – anxiety reaction, reactive depression, conversion hysteria and OCD reaction

Symptoms as language – coded symbols, hidden meanings 

Extent of possible PTSD symptoms – up to and including seizures, paralysis, blindness etc.

PTSD as a moral injury

Using a generic PTSD hypnotherapy protocol to heal PTSD

What happens to the body during visualization

Full explanation of how Ego Parts can present. 

Hypnotherapy Demonstration – Ego Part Therapy (Recording provided)

Session 3 

Intake interviewing and questionnaire (template provided) 

Tailoring the PTSD protocol for individual success

The dangers and uselessness of the therapist drawing conclusions 

The presentations of anger 

The relationship between vulnerability and anger, especially in men 

Dealing with resistance to hypnotherapy – resistance inductions 

The attraction and potential use of psychedelics

Hypnotherapy Demonstration – Forgiveness of Others 

Session 4 

Hypnotherapy as energy healing 

Using the post-hypnotic period to reinforce healing

Flexible treatment – the need for accepting absenteeism 

How to counter transference 

When to challenge the patients inbuilt behavior patterns 

Elimination of Pain – Acute and Chronic 

How to explain “being in the moment” to clients 

The ravages of guilt 

Hypnotherapy Demonstration – Forgiveness of Self

Session 5 

Open-ended Regression Therapy

Other names for Regression Therapy – Rewind, Regression to Cause, Timeline

Varying methods of age regression 

Discussion of false memory – Does it matter?

Hypnotherapy Demonstration – Age Regression

Session 6 

Where to go next? Ego strengthening, soul embracing, future progression 

Emergency addiction help 

Using Virtual Cocaine and Virtual Heroin to counter substance dependency 

Nutrition suggestions 

Hypnotherapy Demonstration – Cementing the Gains of Hypnotherapy 

Click here to ask any questions, or to register for the next course starting September 5/6. No payment is required until after the first session. No obligation to continue.

Start date – Monday September 5 – For US participants – 7 – 9pm (EDT)

Tuesday September 6 – For UK/European participants – 8 – 10pm (BST)

Recordings available for those who cannot be present for the seminars(s)

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