Hypnosis And Hypnoanalysis

Hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness, in which a person experiences a deep focussed concentration.

While in this state, a person may find themselves able to remember events and incidents they were not aware of before, including repressed memories and emotions which have been causing psychological AND physical distress in their body. The lack of context for anxiety and panic attacks, for instance, can make unexplained physical symptoms even more upsetting. But while in hypnosis, the reason may be revealed to the person, as if in a dream state, and that subsequent insight can eliminate symptoms altogether.

Hypno analysis is the process of using the state of hypnosis to investigate a person’s memories and experiences, to find out why certain feelings arose, or why troublesome behaviour patterns began, in the first place.

Often, strong emotions and negative behaviour patterns are a result of something that happened to a person in childhood, or a sudden traumatic experience at any time. The root cause may not be remembered by the person until they enter the hypnotic state. Once it is recalled, the emotions and the behaviour often dissipates quickly, sometimes after just one session.

Our minds repress memories to protect us from upset.  But our bodies always remember, and can create physical reactions to those events which are being hidden from us.

Sometimes it can take a few sessions for the subconscious mind to believe the person is ready to deal with hurtful memories and incidents. The person, and the hypnotherapist, may have to  patiently work through a number of memories and feelings until full insight is gained. That is hypno analysis.

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