Substance Abuse

For many, overcoming substance abuse is an uphill struggle. While you might try desperately to cut down, or leave it behind altogether, your body has come to depend on it, and will scream out for it if you deny it. 

This is the reason for so-called ‘withdrawal symptoms’.  The body craves the numbing drugs and alcohol provides and fears an existence without it.

But it is a vicious circle which you CAN control. The reason your body needs alcohol or drugs is because of unresolved trauma in your body.  If you take away the numbing agent, without resolving the problem, your suffering will increase.

By using clinical hypnotherapy, you can identify the root cause of that need and allow your body to eliminate the requirement for the drugs and/or alcohol by itself. Changing the way the brain reacts to past stressors can actually stop the cravings and the desire to use.

Clinical hypnotherapy can also provide interim aids to help you through this process. The Beat Retreat specialises in Virtual Cocaine and Virtual Heroin, so you can feel as if you have taken a drug without actually ingesting it. This is a new method which is being widely used in the United States, to great effect, in rehabilitation. Many Beat Retreat clients have already seen the benefits of this approach.

Clinical hypnotherapy itself can feel similar to drug taking.  The sensation of dissociation, floating and calm are similar to the effects of many recreational drugs and can also ease the process of withdrawal. 

To find out more, contact me.

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