Substance Abuse

It doesn’t matter whether your vice is alcohol or narcotics, opioids or caffeine, or something else. If it is causing you problems in your life, affecting your health, and you want to stop using it, clinical hypnotherapy has the techniques to help you do it, quickly and easily.

For many, overcoming substance addiction has been a life-long struggle to date, consuming energy, money and valuable time.

Will power alone is often not enough to break the habit, as the body possesses a powerful urge to maintain the status quo, which can derail the most ardent of intentions. But users still blame themselves. A chronic substance user has a memory bank of failure, fear and hopelessness.

But a clinical hypnotherapist can work with a client, using direct suggestion, to create an aversion to any bothersome substance, and hypnoanalysis can be used to carry out a thorough exploration of a client’s core issues; such as traumatic events in the past which may have made a person dependent on a particular substance, and feel like they cannot break the cycle.

Changing the way the brain reacts to past stressors can actually stop the cravings and the desire to use.

Your mind can help you make good choices; easily, naturally and effortlessly. To find out how, now, contact me.


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