Do you want to know the solution to PTSD? Stream or download this free book below, in print or audio version, with eight case histories showing how clinical hypnotherapy eliminates PTSD symptoms.

If you prefer to listen to an audio book rather than read the printed version of The PTSD Solution: A Military Approach please click here, where you can stream online or download the MP3 file, read by the author, by pressing on the MORE button. (Start it at 14 minutes in if you want to avoid the introduction).

Reader reviews:

Noon, Military Veteran UK – I listened to this last night well into the early hours. I was captivated by it. Up all night with my ear glued to the phone. Very good, and seems to do the job. Anything is worth a try and I’d suggest this.

Darren, PTSD sufferer – I listened to it [audiobook] all the way through today. Although I am not from the military, I have experienced debilitating PTSD symptoms for the past three years. I have had many of the symptoms, and experienced suicidal ideation due to feelings that I was going crazy and not in control. I tried talking therapies but without any success…PTSD has affected my emotional regulation, intimacy and sexual dysfunction. I started trauma specific therapy, starting with Rewind therapy and now my 2nd week of Hypnotherapy. I am already seeing the difference in terms of feeling calmer, sleeping better and not being nearly as hyper-vigilant as before. I feel finally I have found something that is actually showing results.

For a shorter explanation of the uses of Clinical Hypnotherapy for PTSD suffered by military personnel, feel free to read this White Paper, written by the therapist.

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