Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is a symptom of PTSD.
When the body feels that so much of life is out of control, it will strive to create and enforce order anyway it can. It may also use OCD symptoms to hamper or curtail your activities to ‘keep you safe’.
Sometimes, obsessive compulsive actions are formed in childhood, and permeate all the way through life. In other people, they may only become apparent later in life, after a major trauma. Sometimes, this can happen many years afterwards.
The majority of OCD symptoms are attributable to emotional trauma. That need for control can often be covering a sense of vulnerability.  A person’s inner conflicts can trigger the appearance of obsessive symptoms.
 Clinical hypnotherapy can help a sufferer discover the root cause of their OCD. Symptoms begin to dissipate as soon as insight is gained.
For more details of how clinical hypnotherapy can help OCD, please do contact me.
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