Burn Treatment

The healing process after a major burn accident is extremely painful and damaging to the body. Clinical hypnotherapy can help in many ways.

If employed quickly enough after a significant burn injury, hypnotic anaesthesia and visualisation techniques promoting coolness in the skin have been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and promote early healing. It has been reported that a second degree burn can be prevented from developing to a third degree burn by hypnosis alone.

Clinical hypnotherapy can also be used to lessen the distress of dressing changes. Changing burn dressings can be excruciatingly painful and sufferers have likened the process to torture. However with clinical hypnotherapy sensitivity to pain can be reduced and even eliminated, and patients can remain distracted from the painful stimuli for as long as it takes to finish the procedure.

Doctors at the University of Washington’s Regional Burn Center in Seattle regularly use hypnosis to help patients deal with the extreme pain.

Other hospitals use virtual reality headsets to distract patients from the process, but the human mind is perfectly capable of creating an inner reality of its own while in a state of hypnosis, negating the need for advanced technological measures.

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