DIY Therapy


Many people suffering from PTSD don’t want to see a therapist. But they know they need help.

After eliminating PTSD symptoms for hundreds of sufferers – mainly military, first responder and security services personnel – I have created a FREE 4-WEEK SELF-ADMINISTERED PTSD ELIMINATION PROGRAMME using the Beat Retreat clinical hypnotherapy techniques created in WW1, and used extensively in WW2.

It works fast and the symptoms do not return.

The programme requires nothing of the sufferer except to lie down and listen to a recording every day for 28 days (you can listen as you fall asleep). It has been routinely curing PTSD symptoms even in those who have suffered for decades. It also eliminates chronic pain, whatever the source.

Below are the four FREE recordings you will need. Listen to one for 7 days and then move to the next, in order. If you find you want to talk to the therapist during the programme, all consultations are free and on Whatsapp (Call +17722592180). Call anytime.

If you prefer to understand how it works first, you can download my free book (print or audio) of the case histories of 8 UK military serving and veteran personnel who eliminated their symptoms doing exactly this.

You can also watch a short video explaining PTSD here.

Here are the recordings you need:

Week 1 –

Week 2 –

Week 3 –

Week 4 –

EVERYTHING I am offering you here is FREE. No one needs to live with PTSD.

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