Live Seminars

The Beat Retreat recently offered free, live, Hypnotherapy for PTSD seminars, with an explanation of why and how PTSD presents, and how clinical hypnotherapy can eliminate all symptoms.

The seminars included a free demonstration of clinical hypnotherapy, for military and police sufferers.

These live seminars were broadcast on the Beat Retreat Facebook page and the recorded versions are still there for you to watch.

Over the coming two months this series will be expanded, to include PTSD seminars for all health workers, fire service personnel and members of the general public battling PTSD.

The FREE introductory explanatory seminars are specifically designed to guarantee anonymity, while allowing sufferers to get the most out of this groundbreaking therapy.

There is no need to reserve a place or sign up in advance.

Those who participate are able to ask written questions during the two-hour presentation.

You may download a free book of case histories, showing how hypnotherapy works to combat PTSD symptoms, and you have lifetime access to a library of free hypnotherapy recordings, to deal with any psychological and physical symptoms which you may be experiencing.

Participants can choose to listen to free hypnotherapy recordings from the Beat Retreat library, or follow a series of live, anonymous, group clinical hypnotherapy seminars, following the Beat Retreat PTSD Protocol. These anonymous group sessions run year-round with a start date every seven weeks.

An entire course of 6 anonymous group sessions, over six weeks, costs just 49,99 GBP, or 59,99 Euros or USD.

You may pay by Paypal to or direct transfer to a UK/US/European bank account. Contact me for the details.

(For UK military and first responder participants, regimental units, charities or federations may pay this sum on your behalf, even anonymously. Please Contact me for details)

As well as the opportunity to experience The Beat Retreat Protocol, to alleviate and eliminate your PTSD symptoms, and understand in more depth why you feel the way you do, you will also have access to a 24/7 Crisis Line, to allow you to speak directly to the therapist whenever you need to.

And for participants of the six week course, you will also have the right to join The Beat Retreat’s peer-to-peer WhatsApp groups, for ongoing community support.

*For military and first responder participants, please be aware that free one-to-one therapy with the therapist is also available, funded by a UK charity. It does not demand any exclusions; it is immediate start and fully confidential. This charity knows that military and first responder personnel suffer disproportionately with PTSD and want to do anything they can to help. This can be in place of the group sessions, or as a follow-up to the group protocol, to resolve anything not already addressed in those sessions.

**I know that many PTSD sufferers turn to drugs and alcohol to numb their symptoms and control their emotions. This is TOTALLY NORMAL. It is NOT a good idea to try to give up drugs or alcohol before combatting PTSD symptoms with clinical hypnotherapy. Your body is crying out for one or both for a reason. However to help PTSD sufferers reduce or eliminate drug and alcohol use, in the interests of finances or safeguarding a career, The Beat Retreat offers Virtual Cocaine, Virtual Heroin and Virtual Alcohol recordings. These hypnotherapy recordings allow the body to believe it has already had the substance, and therefore eliminate all cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The Beat Retreat has been using this method effectively for several years now, and it is also widely used in Rehabilitation clinics in the USA. The Beat Retreat offers you these recordings absolutely free of charge. For more details please contact me.

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