Online Therapy

I provide a six-week, online, therapy protocol for people suffering from PTSD (civilians, military, police, first responders, health workers etc), costing just 50 GBP/USD for the entire therapy, plus free telephone consultations with the therapist 24/7 as required.

The 50 GBP is only payable after the first session so you can assess if it is interesting for you first. No obligation to continue. 

This protocol has already eliminated chronic PTSD symptoms in hundreds of sufferers within weeks. No endless talking.

It works just as well online as in person. It does not need to be individually tailored. You can join anonymously, or in sound and/or vision, or you can opt to receive a recording of the session afterwards. No need to give ANY personal details.

The therapy will be at 3pm New York time and 8pm UK time every Thursday. Next course starts in January. The therapy will consist of 45 minutes of explaining what is going on in the PTSD brain at different stages, with Q and A if wished, and 75 minutes of online hypnotherapy following the PTSD Military Approach Protocol. You just come with earphones, a pillow, a quilt or blanket, and somewhere comfortable to lie down. Nothing is required of you except to listen.

Download a free book of case histories, print or audio, from to understand how this therapy works. 

Register by sending an email to and you will receive the link for the first session. Open to all. Participants will receive unlimited access to hypnotherapy recordings to boost recovery.

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