Online Therapy

All Beat Retreat hypnotherapy sessions are conducted online.

Private sessions with the therapist happen in your own home, using Zoom, Skype, Messenger or Whatsapp. Hypnotherapy works just as well online as in person, and has the added benefit of the sufferer not needing to travel to appointments. The sessions follow the Beat Retreat PTSD protocol which has proved extremely effective at eliminating PTSD symptoms within just a few weeks.

The Beat Retreat also offers live, online, anonymous clinical hypnotherapy seminars. These seminars last two hours, and comprise one hour of explanation about different aspects of PTSD, with interactive onscreen questions and answers, and a one hour hypnotherapy session.

Anyone who is struggling with PTSD symptoms can join these dedicated seminars. There are separate sessions, on different nights of the week, for military personnel and veterans, police and fire officers, health care workers and general PTSD sufferers.

Participation in the first introductory session is free of charge. In this session we discuss the causes of PTSD; how it presents in sufferers; how hypnotherapy can calm and eliminate symptoms, and how it has been used for more than a century, and probably centuries more, to combat PTSD. Participants will hear from others who have already used the therapy to beat their symptoms. Participants keep their cameras and microphones turned off to guarantee anonymity, but can ask questions in real time of the hypnotherapist in a live onscreen chat. There follows a one hour hypnotherapy session to demonstrate the power of hypnotherapy to calm the body, promote a deep sense of relaxation and identify the desire to eliminate symptoms. Participants can also download a free book of case histories in PDF or audio format. PTSD sufferers are welcome to bring their partners and/or children to the session so they can better understand what is happening in the mind of a PTSD sufferer.

At the end of the first session, sufferers can opt to use FREE hypnotherapy recordings, tailored to their particular needs, to be listened to daily. Or they can decide to join a six-week course of two-hour hypnotherapy explanations and therapy sessions, following The Beat Retreat PTSD protocol. This is the same protocol used in private one-to-one sessions offered by The Beat Retreat. Participants are welcome to bring their partners and children to each session. Should they need to discuss anything with the hypnotherapist between sessions they can use the Free 24/7 Crisis Line.

One low payment of 49.99 GBP, or 59,99 Euros or USD, gives participants access to all six sessions, plus a selection of hypnotherapy recordings and a 24/7 Crisis Line. Participants also have the right to join The Beat Retreat WhatsApp PTSD Community Group for peer-to-peer support. There are separate groups for PTSD sufferers and Partners of PTSD sufferers.

Children of PTSD sufferers are welcome to join in a dedicated FREE children’s forum once a week, on a Saturday, where they can discuss their worries and fears with the hypnotherapist in a peer setting.

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