The Beat Retreat is focussed on providing low-cost or fully-funded clinical hypnotherapy to all PTSD sufferers.

By working hand in hand with a UK charity, called Stepforward Homes, The Beat Retreat is able to offer totally free, totally confidential, clinical hypnotherapy to all serving and veteran military personnel, police and fire officers,  and all health care workers, in the United Kingdom. There is no need for any professional referral, and there are no exclusions. You can simply contact me for an initial consultation.  There is no waiting list!

Alternatively, if you are nervous of 1-2-1 sessions, or would like to retain full anonymity, you can opt to join a Beat Retreat live, anonymous, group, online seminar for PTSD sufferers.

Indeed, all PTSD sufferers, from any walk of life, are welcome to join these explanatory seminars, which will explain why you are feeling the way you are, and give a free demonstration of clinical hypnotherapy for PTSD.

Participants can then opt to either use free Beat Retreat hypnotherapy recordings, targeted at their particular symptoms, or follow six anonymous online seminars, using The Beat Retreat PTSD protocol to eliminate PTSD symptoms. During these two-hour sessions, which will take place once a week, you will learn more about how PTSD manifests in the human body. The six consecutive sessions will also allow you to understand your own triggers and negate them. Clinical hypnotherapy works very well online and does not need to be individually tailored to bring relief. Your body knows what is wrong. A hypnotherapist simply needs to take you into a deeply relaxed state for it to tell you!

The Beat Retreat charges a small contribution of 49.99 GBP or 59,99 Euros or USD for the entire six week course. Every PTSD sufferer is welcome to bring their partner and children (10 years+ recommended) to the sessions.

UK military and first responder PTSD sufferers may be able to have that small contribution paid for by their regiment/federation/trust. Please contact me to facilitate that for you. You can also opt for private, fully-funded, sessions at any time, during or after the anonymous group online sessions.

The Beat Retreat also offers a FREE 24/7 Crisis Helpline for all PTSD sufferers on +33 6 56 75 33 18 (Whatsapp number).

Please do not hesitate to call at anytime for help and advice.

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