Creative visualisation is a clinical hypnotherapy technique that can create rapid and lasting change in a person’s life.

Quantum physicists believe visualisation is a tool of one of the laws of nature: the Law of Attraction. Basically, what you imagine, what you picture and what you think about, is what you attract into your life. So if you have a negative outlook on life, you will attract negative situations. By contrast, if you have a positive outlook on life you can attract into it whatever you can imagine. Albert Einstein said: “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

All humans have the capacity to be ‘life artists’. We can create pictures in our minds of our future life, and then make choices and take actions that will realise what we have envisaged. So if you don’t like the present picture, change it!

If you need to win a battle, or a sports competition, or pass a crucial exam, all you need to do is imagine every aspect of that achievement in your mind, using all the senses to build up a complete picture of an event,  and condition your mind for it to happen in real life. Visualisation is essentially a thorough rehearsal of a future life event, as demanded  by you.

Obviously, by believing in the Law of Attraction and the power of visualisation, you create an inner confidence which makes it even easier for you to achieve key goals.

Jim Carrey tells the story of writing himself a multi-million dollar check when he was a struggling actor, and giving himself five years to be able to cash it. Five years to the day he says he had enough money. That didn’t happen because he sat back and waited for it to happen of course. He seized every opportunity to achieve his vision; but those opportunities, which he needed, were presented to him, in the timeframe that he had set himself.

Sporting stars use visualisation to see themselves winning major tournaments; military personnel can use it for tactical battle planning, to bolster resilience in combat and to help captured service personnel resist torture.

In everyday life, if you need money, imagine you already have it; if you need love, imagine every detail of what your future partner would look like; if you need a new job imagine you have secured it and experience that feeling through the practice of visualisation while in clinical hypnotherapy.

Scientists believe the human subconscious communicates in pictures and symbols rather than words. They also believe it is a servo-mechanism which strives to deliver whatever the brain wishes for, as long as it understands it correctly. Visualisation gives the subconscious mind a clear picture, in its own language, of what is desired.

Olympic athletes make sure they are in peak mental condition by vividly visualizing their moment of victory, and living their success within their mind over and over again. In the same way successful businessmen can vividly imagine themselves closing deals, making money and growing successful businesses;  actors and celebrities can visualise their name up in lights long before it actually happens.

Have you always wanted to be a winner?  Are you ready to really sprint out ahead of the rest and enjoy that feeling of being on top of the world?  Clinical hypnotherapy can give you the power to turn your life around.

Whatever you want to attract into your life; whatever your goals and ambitions, to find out more about exactly how the process works, read on. 


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